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For an event with such a long tradition, the Fleet Europe Summit, which concluded on Wednesday in Barcelona, contained an impressive number of firsts. The EV Test-Drive was a particularly popular addition to the rostrum, which totalled no less than 21 events. Electrification was also one of the main themes in the presentations at the Fleet Europe Forum, and in the Fleet Europe Village next door. We are happy to hear from the more than 1,000 attendees, exhibitors and sponsors from 60 countries that they had a successful Summit, that they learned new things, made new contacts – and had a lot of fun doing it. We look forward to seeing you all on 6-7 November at the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit 2019 in Estoril! One of the highlighted events at the 2018 Fleet Europe Summit was the second meeting of the Global Fleet Managers Club. A select group of 25 global and regional fleet managers met to discuss the transformation of the fleet paradigm into a mobility ecosystem, and the complexity of delivering such a broader mobility programme – especially at international level. That complexity is increasing by a variety of causes.
Fleet managers face changing employee demands, the take off and growth of digitisation and connectivity, the move towards mobility, the introduction of alternative powertrains, and the need for harmonisation across new markets. That is exactly why sharing best practices and exchanging experiences is crucial for today’s international fleet managers.
That is exactly what the Global Fleet Managers Club is about: it gathers global and regional fleet managers to discuss global fleet trends, to the benefit of all participants. The Global Fleet Managers Club is exclusively for international fleet customers only and has physical meetings linked to the Fleet Europe Summit and the Global Fleet Conference, as well as a series of digital meetings throughout the year. On 26 November in Barcelona, Pim De Weerd (Global Commodity Manager, Philips) and David Omodei (Senior Procurement Engagement Manager Fleet, Microsoft) presented an interactive workshop on How to Mobilise on Mobility. Topics discussed were How to Define Mobility Management, What to Include in the Mobility Budget and The Role of Technology as a Facilitator. As the workshop demonstrated, the subjects occupying the minds of the fleet managers were many and varied. One thing’s certain: there will be plenty to discuss at the follow-up meeting of the Global Fleet Managers Club, planned for the beginning of 2019.The Fleet Europe Awards were presented in the Catalunya Congress Centre in Barcelona on 28 November at the end of the three-day Fleet Europe Summit.
The Fleet Europe Awards recognise outstanding achievements by fleet managers, suppliers and start-ups. The Awards and the Summit were attended by over 1,000 international fleet and mobility professionals from across the globe. For the second time, the ceremony included an award for the Global Fleet Manager of the Year.

This award was presented by Stefan Herbert, Head of International Corporate Sales, Mercedes-Benz to Almy Sousa Magalhaes, Global Procurement Executive Fleet, E-Commerce and Distribution, Philip Morris International. Mr Magalhaes leads a cost-efficient programme across 82 countries that shows excellent results in terms of driver safety and paves the way for the transformation towards new powertrains and an integrated mobility management. He manages a car fleet of 22,930 worldwide. The coveted title of European Fleet Manager of the Year was awarded to Heiko Groesch,
Manager Fleet EMEA, Goodyear Dunlop Tyres. The jury was impressed by his deep insight in all cost elements as Mr Groesch has implemented a strict policy focusing on process and cost optimisation, partly through a multibidding approach. Goodyear Dunlop operates a global fleet of 6,508 vehicles (2,573 in EMEA). The International Fleet Mobility Award goes to a company that has successfully implemented a green project or an initiative in efficient alternative mobility solutions.

This year, the jury honoured Luxottica for its strong centralised approach for a 2000-strong global fleet operating across various continents in which mobility solutions are becoming increasingly relevant, including a smart car-sharing app and an e-shuttle service for the company’s China subsidiary. The International Fleet Safety Award celebrates a company that has successfully implemented a driver safety programme. This year’s award goes to Ingersoll Rand, represented by Christine Siroux, Travel & Fleet Manager EMEA. Ingersoll Rand introduced a yearly 100 Days of Safety programme that increases driver safety awareness through various initiatives including a safety app for drivers, weekly messages and driver training sessions. Ingersoll Rand has a global fleet of 9,097 vehicles, 2,197 of which in the EMEA region.

Source: www.fleeterurope.com


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