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ALD Automotive has signed an international agreement with Chargepoint, one of the leading electric vehicle charging networks. Under the deal, Chargepoint will bring its expertise and portfolio of charging solutions and services to clients in more than nine launch markets across Europe.
The electric vehicle charging solution will include a seamless digital on-boarding experience, billing solution, installation and maintenance, 24/7 customer support and smart chargers. Home charging will also be made available for drivers, as well as access to a network of public places to charge around Europe.
Over the next few months, a joint end-to-end vehicle solution will be rolled out across Europe. According to an ALD spokesperson, this will help reinforce the company’s current EV coverage.
This initiative is part of ALD Electric, a holistic approach to electric vehicles composed of 5 key services which facilitates customer decision making and helps alleviate anxiety related to EV adoption:
1. Consultancy services dedicated to the energy transition, helping clients to identify the right vehicle for the right usage and encouraging the adoption of new forms of mobility
2. Test driving services with electrically-chargeable vehicles
3. Smart charging infrastructure (home and office chargers, as well as public network access)
4. Reporting and payments with dedicated digital access for drivers and fleet managers
5. Short-term rental flexibility with ALD Switch, a non-EV exchange service for longer journeys
Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck (www.fleeteurope.com)


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