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Attitudes to electric vehicles are changing Having recently concluded the research for both the Fleet200 and the FN50 contract hire and leasing report, out next month, it was striking to see the similarity of

Spar opens 66 free charging points for shoppers in Hungary Supermarket chain Spar takes electrification in Hungary very seriously, expecting the EV market to grow fast in the central European country. As a

Audi completed a trial with Fleetonomy, an Israeli company specialised in fleet monitoring and management services. “Using data from Audi’s on-demand shared fleets in Germany and San Francisco, Fleetonomy was able to predict

This Clean Air Day (20 June 2019) Helen Clarkson, CEO of international non-profit The Climate Grouphighlights the vital role that business can play in leading the switch to EVs and significantly cutting air pollution: “Electric

Grégoire Chové heads Arval Europe Grégoire Chové (pictured, right), until now General Manager of Arval Italia, has been appointed as Arval’s Managing Director for Europe. Taking over his leading role in Italy will

To close the first edition of the Connected Fleets Conference, Nikola Vuckovic, Manager EHSS & IFMS, Philip Morris International gave an overview of how his company puts the connected fleet in practice. He

ALD Automotive has signed an international agreement with Chargepoint, one of the leading electric vehicle charging networks. Under the deal, Chargepoint will bring its expertise and portfolio of charging solutions and services to

Phone behind wheel more dangerous than alcohol A What’s more dangerous on the road than a drunk driver? A driver who’s on the phone. And that’s official: a recent U.S. study shows that

The Norwegians prefer electric cars In March 58 percent of new cars sold in Norway were purely electric, the Norwegian Transport Organization (NRF) said. According to the NRF’s report, the share of electric

A recently published study of the French national institute of statistics and economical studies (INSEE) confirms that employees primarily make use of their car (privately or company owned) to commute to and from